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About us

Group Majorettes Petra Studenka was founded in September 2008 with it´s founder - City cultural centre. The first year marched under our name thirty majorettes in two categories - Preteen and Junior. Older girls made great progress - already six months we were on first competition - and we were not the last certainly! We have presented a few performances and we ended the season lesson of twirling with Lenka Dolezelova.


The second season 2009/2010 we have grown - we opened five groups all ages - from Children to Mothers - nearly 70 majorettes! Competed all files except the smallest "babies". Again, we stood out from the spring almost every weekend. It´s year round work we presented a separate parade majorettes - Great majorette afternoon - given that the event had a very positive feedback to the general public, this event has become an integral part of our group.


In the third year of our operation we had first medails and trophies of amateur competitions. We engage more dance elements and we found that to acheive great results is also neede dance and ballets preparation. Very colorful season we finished the foreign representation of cities in Austria and Slovenia.


The fourth season is just ahead. We would like to register our groups into to Union of majorettes Czech republic and participate in the National championship. We believe that this year will be something to look forward. The school year we finished with Wind orchestra Jistebnik, on the festival in Poland.

Five years after the formation of our group we are on Majorettes Championship Czech Republic won the first titles Vice champion of Czech Republic and participated in the European Championships where we won the title Vice champion of Europe. Our children again raised the bar a little higher!

Sixth year and a new set of little girls, the new rules - see what our season will bring changes in the sign!





Group Senior girls cooperate with ASH DOM Jistebnik. During Balcans culture days you can see us with Tambura orchester Brac. We also featured the accompaniment of: